Welcome Message

Dear visitors,

On behalf of Elders and staff of the Rwanda Elders Advisory Forum (REAF), I am delighted to welcome you to our official website.

REAF is a governmental institution established by the Law n° 39/2013 of 16/06/2013 determining its mission, organization and functioning. REAF mandate is to advise the Government on national topical issues, national political orientation and challenges pertaining to good governance, justice, economy and social welfare.

REAF look forward to give its contribution toward building a Rwanda reconciled, secured with a rapid, sustainable and inclusive development.

This website will serve you to know more information about REAF missions, its activities, tenders, jobs, reports, organization structure and so more.

We are pleased to inform you that REAF welcomes various ideas and advices.

I thank you!


Chairperson of REAF